Education Is Our Foundation

Indiana Volleyball Elite Academy is not a club and has zero affiliation with any team in the state of Indiana. Founded with volleyball education at the forefront of everything we do, the Indiana Elite team aims to provide a facility where our athletes can develop their skills and perfect their technique to accomplish their goals at any level. Our multi-phase process includes tailored instruction that encourages learner autonomy and promotes critical thinking. Our end result is an intrinsically motivated athlete.


Novice & Beginner

The initial phase of the Indiana Elite Volleyball program focuses on the development of our youth athletes both on and off the court. Our vision is to instill vital benchmarks that lay the foundational framework to a successful volleyball career. During our novice and beginner training sessions, athletes can expect to not only learn, but excel in their technique, leadership, and communication skills.


Intermediate & Advanced

The second phase of the Indiana Elite Volleyball program focuses on skill mastery and cognitive development. Our goal is to create multi-dimensional athletes with dynamic well-rounded skill sets. During our intermediate & advanced training sessions, athletes can expect to not only evolve their understanding of the game, but master the intricate details that yield to a successful volleyball career. 


Monitored Progress & Growth

The Indiana Elite program functions through demonstrated skill and cognitive competency. Every incoming athlete will be given a detailed evaluation from one of our three highly qualified staff members. Direct feedback and training placement are subsequent to the initial evaluation. This is the first piece to the Indiana Elite program, as our athletes will be consistently monitored to ensure optimal growth. More information can be located by clicking the Process tab.

Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you’ve made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.

John Wooden

Indiana Elite Testimonials

Thank you for taking the time to train with Indiana Elite Volleyball Academy. We take a great deal of pride in providing the best possible training experience in the state of Indiana. Our focus is to create an atmosphere that allows each and every athlete to unlock their potential on and off the court.

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