A Pathway to Success

One of our founding principals at Indiana Elite is to individualize a successful pathway for all athletes. The process we have developed begins with an assessment, providing us insight on how to best adapt our program for individual long term success. Our unparalleled attention to detail begins on day one, as our athletes are meticulously guided through our proven evaluation process.



The initial step towards success in our program begins with a visual evaluation. Future athletes are required to contact one of our Indiana Elite staff members, who will then schedule and conduct their first assessment. This phase of the evaluation process will take place during one of our group training sessions, which can be located on our Schedule tab. Volleyball experience, prior game film, and grade will all be taken into account when choosing their first session.



Upon completion of the initial evaluation, the Indiana Elite staff will conduct a thorough written analysis of the individual athlete. We utilize a detailed rubric designed around volleyball-specific learning outcomes including, but not limited to, gym functionality, volleyball intellect, receptiveness to direct feedback, and the capacity to retain new information. The intricate detail of this system is what allows us to adequately place an individual athlete into the correct training sessions.


Performance & Improvement

A phrase athletes will often hear while training with Indiana Elite is that our program is designed as a marathon, not a sprint. Our group training sessions are geared towards creating well – rounded, dynamic volleyball players. To achieve this goal we break down our training sessions on both the fundamental and intellectual levels, bridging the gap between technical skill development and tactical skill execution. Consistency is key, therefore it is imperative that our athletes understand learning and development is a process, not an event.


Results & Feedback

The power of feedback lies in the receiver’s ability to process and integrate their newly acquired information. For many, feedback is something akin to criticism or attack. Perhaps this is why it is seldom practiced with any enthusiasm, and certainly anticipated with less. We strive to deliver feedback through three facets; an opportunity to motivate, develop sport-specific performance, and stimulate the learning process.