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Our Training Sessions

Indiana Elite Volleyball Academy offers four various training sessions, which include: group training, small group training, private lessons, and open gyms. Athletes are required to attend two consecutive months of group training and a total of 12 sessions with Indiana Elite before signing up for additional training opportunities. Contact one of our Indiana Elite staff members to schedule a consultation.

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Website Schedule

Our website Schedule is broken down into three separate levels of training sessions . Our Level 1 and Level 2 sessions are dedicated towards group training, founded on our education first approach, designed to build a versatile athlete. Upon demonstrating competence in Level 1, athletes will then graduate to our Level 2 training sessions. Our Level 3 training sessions are reserved for small group training, private lessons, and open gyms.

Level 1

Building A Foundation

Establishing a purposeful foundation is imperative during an athlete’s developmental years, allowing for a seamless transition into a more complex learning environment. We start with one goal in mind: perfecting the basics. Most importantly, we strive to deliver these fundamental skills in a package that creates a desire to learn, accepting failure as part of the journey towards success. This phase is not about perfection, but education.

Level 2

Growth & Development

As athletes begin to display competency and proficiency in the foundational skill sets within the Indiana Elite program, they will graduate to our level 2 training sessions, furthering growth and development. During these sessions, athletes can expect their training regimen to evolve through weekly cycles, focusing on specific skill sets during a set unit. Our coaching staff meticulously
programs these units to establish a foundation, refine technique, and enhance the athlete’s decision-making capabilities.

Level 3

Individualized Advancement

Upon completing two consecutive months and a total of 12 training sessions in our program, athletes will have earned the opportunity to request small group training sessions, private lessons, and open gyms. This part of our program is designed for the individual athlete, placing a significant emphasis on position specific growth and development. The goal is not to graduate from level 2, but to utilize the unique characteristics of level 3, which strengthen the foundational skill sets developed during group training sessions.