A Proven Model

Here at Indiana Elite, we take pride in creating an environment that produces technically sound volleyball athletes. Our model starts with the introduction of the five main skills in volleyball: ball control, attacking, setting, blocking, and serving. Regardless of the individual’s position, all athletes are given a detailed understanding of all skill sets, producing a well rounded dynamic volleyball player.


Technical & Tactical

Each day at practice, we create situations on the court in which players need to use their technical skills in a gamelike situation, forcing them to make decisions that simulate the applications of the skills and the choices they will have to make in a game. These skills, called tactical skills, are the bridge between practice performance and game performance. Although the proper execution of technical skills is necessary for success, the ability of athletes to make appropriate decisions, known as tactical skills, is the key to having everything come together when it counts—in the actual game.

The Fundamentals

Ball Control: Defense & Serve Receive

Here at Indiana Elite we demand all levels and positions to excel at their ball control. A staple in every lesson, ball control is a skill that demands constant practice and dedication to master. Through persistent reinforcement of all that encompasses platform management, our athletes will be meticulously guided through next level training techniques to achieve an ELITE level of ball control.

Attacking: Offense

Attacking is skill often taught superficially with one goal in mind: hit the ball hard. Unfortunately, this absence of detail frequently leads to underdeveloped hitters lacking the mastery of this vital skill.

Developing a well – rounded hitter with a diverse shot selection is a staple here at Indiana Elite. Our focus is to dissect and perfect the hitter’s approach, jumping phase, flight pattern, swinging mechanics, and landing phase. All of these skills combined let an attacker reach their maximal potential.

Setting: Running The Offense

Setting is a unique position that requires mastery in both technique and mindset. Here at Indiana Elite we typically breakdown this complex skill in a private or semi-private training environment. Our first order of business is perfecting the athlete’s technical ability to place the ball at multiple heights and locations on the court.

This requires a detailed breakdown of the individual’s consistency, hand placement, footwork, and body positioning. After demonstrating competency in these vital benchmarks, our athletes will then focus on the cognitive side of the position. At this point the setter will learn the intricate detail of running a successful offense.

Blocking: First line of Defense

Blocking is a straight forward skill that many players fail to completely master. At Indiana Elite we develop an individual’s blocking skill set from the ground up, starting with their footwork. As our athletes demonstrate competency in the various movement patterns along the net, we then begin to advance their technical skill set above the net.

At this point our athletes are focusing on the penetration phase of the block, as well as the angle and placement of their hands. The final piece to the puzzle is expanding our athlete’s blocking IQ. This helps create an intellectually competent front row player that provides a successful first line of defense.

Serving: Every Match, Game, & Point

During our weekly technical training sessions we dedicate at least one day towards perfecting our athletes’ serving mechanics. The importance of this skill speaks for itself as it starts off every match, game, and point. Training sessions will include constant reinforcement of the stationary serve, as these fundamentals are the staple for a more complex serve.

Athletes will also gain detailed coaching on both jump floats & top spins, gaining educational insight on the benefits of both serves. Furthermore, Indiana Elite advances the serve by creating a cognitive understanding on how to use the serve to attack different aspects of the game. This includes serve receive vulnerabilities and techniques to disrupt the opposing offense.